Ultrasound scanner, with doppler, portable

Alternative names
Ultrasound, portable, with accessories.
WHO list of priority medical devices
Various conditions or disease specific
Particular indications (ICD-11)
Organ or system related according to ICD-11
Life course
Type of medical device
Capital, reusable or single-use
electricity (mains)
Ultrasound gel; Disposable probe drapes (if applicable); Antimicrobial solution; paper and ink (if applicable)
Level of technical knowledge
Regulatory classification (FDA)

Kit or set

System: Phased-array 1-5 MHz for cardiac and lung studies. Phased array up to 8 Mhz for Paediatric patients. Broad-band curvilinear 5-2 MHz for General Abdominal, OBS/GYNE, and lung ultrasound applications. Linear- array high frequency broadband 12-5 MHz, with colour, power and spectral Doppler capabilities for vascular and small parts. Matching trolley compact and lightweight, easy to transport Cables and other connection accessories (if applicable).

Particular technical specifications and guidance