High Flow Nasal Cannula, adult and paediatric

Alternative names
High Flow Nasal Cannula, with tubing and patient interfaces for adult and paediatric, with accessories
WHO list of priority medical devices
Various conditions or disease specific
Organ or system related according to ICD-11
Type of medical device
Capital, reusable or single-use
Inlet bacteria filter (if applicable). Expiratory filters high efficiency. Housing and patient interface for adult and paediatric
Level of technical knowledge
Regulatory classification (FDA)

Kit or set

Set: Housing and patient interface for adult and paediatric. Flowmeter, graduated in L/min. Humidifier. Water chamber. Connectors for air and oxygen outlets, adaptable for most connectors including barb, NF, DISS and NIST. Mains power cable to have length ≥ 2 m.

Particular technical specifications and guidance