Suture set

WHO list of priority medical devices
Various conditions or disease specific
Particular indications (ICD-11)
Organ or system related according to ICD-11
Interventions (non-exhaustive list)
Life course
Type of medical device
Capital, reusable or single-use
Level of technical knowledge
Regulatory classification (FDA)

Kit or set

1 x Scissors, Deaver, 140 mm, curved, sharp/blunt 1 x Needle holder, Mayo-Hegar, 180 mm, straight 1 x Forceps, artery, Kocher, 140 mm, straight 1 x Scalpel handle, no. 4 1 x Forceps, tissue, standard, 145 mm, straight 1 x Probe, double-ended, 145 mm 2 x Dishes, kidney type 1 x Forceps, dissecting w tooth 1 x Forceps, dissecting , non tooth