Pleural Biopsy set

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Kit or set

Set: 1 x Sterilization container for the set of instruments, with cover, perforation and filter 2 x Kidney dish, 20 cm 2 x Galipot, 6 oz 4 x Sponge holder, 17 cm 2 x Dissecting forceps, plain, 15 cm 2 x Scalpel handle, no. 3 8 x Towel clips, Backhaus, 8 cm 2 x Set Abram’s pleural biopsy needles (8 G x 31⁄2”) 5 x Two way adaptor 2 x Syringe, with metal tip, Luer lock 10 x Hypodermic needle, Luer lock, 23 G 10 x Hypodermic needle, Luer lock, 21 G 2 x Galipot, 3 oz