Laparotomy set

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Kit or set

Set: 4 x Forceps, Ring c and r 2 x Babcock clamps 1 x Needle holder, Mayo-Hegar, straight, small, medium and large 1 x Forceps, dressing, standard, 155 mm, straight 1 x Forceps, dressing, standard, 250 mm, straight 1 x Dissecting Forceps, teeth, fenestrated, long and short 1 x Dissecting Forceps, large non teeth 1 x Retractor, Farabeuf, double-ended, 180 mm, pair 1 x Retractor, abdominal, Balfour, 3 blades 1 x Forceps, artery, Kelly, 140 mm, curved (long and short) 2 x Forceps, tissue seizing, Allis, 150 mm (short and long) 6 x Forceps, artery, Halsted-Mosquito, 125 mm, curved 1 x Tube suction, Yankauer, 270 mm 2 x Bowl, stainless steel, 600 ml 2 x Dishes, kidney type 1 x Forceps Rampley’s, sponge holding Coucher Forceps Richardson retractor Allis clamps, extra large Diverse scissors Snaider clamps long Cistic clamp long 2 x Spatula, abdominal, malleable, 270 mm 1 x Retractor, abdominal, Collin, 3 blades Deavers Abdominal Retractors Doyen Abdominal Retractor 4 x Clamp, towel, Backhaus, 130 mm 1 x Scalpel handle, no.4